• Walking Made


    Walking with the utmost ease

  • "How might we create tools and convenience to aid the senior citizens with their day to day activities?"

    We are a group of students from Temasek Polytechnic with a goal of helping senior citizens with walking difficulties or other difficulties with their day to day activities

  • Did you know?

    Growing ageing population in Singapore has become an issue

    Number of elderly expected to rise to 900,000 by 2030


    As of 2016, there are 47,400 elderly over the age of 65 living alone


    Every 32 minutes, an elderly turns up at the hospital due to a fall

    With Dementia patients expected to rise to 92,000 by 2030, which means 1 in 10 people above age 60 has dementia

    Existing products on the market are missing out on a crucial part and we have identified a key demand for position tracking

  • A smart walking stick which enables the family and elderly to feel safe

    Safety at your hands

  • Main Feature

    Global Positioning Tracking System

    Making use of nano technology to embed GPS into the iStick

    What does it do?

    Tracks the exact location of the elderly using latitude and longitude, name of the location could be found using google maps

  • Other Features

    All thought in the shoes of the elderly!

    LED Light Source

    For use in dark areas

    Through our research and surveys, many elderly liked the idea of having a LED Light Source and agreed that it would be useful at night.

    Identification Tag

    Includes Name, Disease and Contact info of family members

    A caregiver has pointed out that her mother-in-law likes to walk around the neighborhood and has gone missing a few times. She suggested to us that an Identification Tag would be helpful for passersby to help contact family members to find the elderly.

    Emergency Pull Out Pin

    Pulling out the pin will activate the alarm and send the location of the elderly through text message to their family member

    We are using an Emergency Pull Out Pin instead of an Emergency Button as the elderly may accidentally press the button while walking, hence, putting that point into consideration, a Pull Out Pin is used. The elderly may pull out a pin whenever they feel that they are in danger and need to contact their family member.

    Music Player

    Pressing a button will play music from the music list stored in the SD card module

    From our surveys, 81.3% of the elderly like to listen to music and with that, we thought it would be good to include it into our iStick so that the elderly can listen to music wherever they are.

    Small Bag

    The small bag is for the elderly to put some small things such as cash when they go out

    From our surveys, 85.7% of the elderly tend to bring things along when they go out, so we intend to attach a small bag to our iStick so that it is more convenient for the elderly

    Handle Strap

    Attached to the handle of the stick

    There are concerns as to whether dementia patients or elderly in general will misplace their walking stick. With this thought in mind, we included a handle strap for the elderly to strap around their wrist,

    Rechargeable Battery

    Alert tone when it is on low battery

    We thought of how are the elderly going to know when it is time to charge our iStick, hence we made it in a way such when the iStick is on low battery, it will give off a tone to alert the elderly to charge the iStick.

    Adjustable Height and Tetra-pod base

    To better suit the elderly and for better stability

    We realized from interviews of the elderly that they want better stability and support especially for elderly with weak legs. Adjustments of the height is to better suit the elderly and its easier for them to walk.

  • We appreciate your feedback

    Provide us with your ideas on how we can make life easier for the senior citizens!

    Temasek Polytechnic
    21 Tampines Ave 1, Singapore 529757